The Mater Medical Consulting Suites were opened in 2010 as a sessional office that provided doctors new to private practice the opportunity to establish and build their new business, without the added stress of recruiting staff, sourcing an office location and setting up professional consulting rooms.   The suites use one of Australia’s leading Practice Management software systems, "Genie” and we are pleased to be able to offer the latest version to our consultants.   Consulting Suites Coordinator Kerrilee Tanzer, along with receptionists are  available to assist doctors interested in commencing private practice with any enquires about the Mater Specialist Suites, costs and the availability of clinic sessions.

Service Overview

The Mater Medical Consulting Suites can provide specialists administrative and office services utilising our skilled sessional staff – without the unnecessary overheads of a permanent office location.


Our fully equipped consulting room in our established Medical Suites has access to an examination bed, hygiene facilities, computer, office desk and stationary. The suites have a patient waiting room and small kitchenette with tea and coffee facilities. Specialists have the ability to see patients 5.5 days a week.

Our Services include:

  • Consultation with Practice Manger / Medical Consulting Suites Coordinator, explanation of hospital admissions process, outpatient clinic operation. Orientation to the suites.
  • Access to full equipped rooms with examination bed, hygiene facilities and computer
  • Basic appointment duties, meet and greet function
  • Reception duties during clinic (operational time 0800 – 1630) including; Mail collection, opening and distribution, Scanning and forwarding as required.
  • Preparation of basic clinic chart (billing sheet, consultation note paper & 4 labels)
  • Receipting monies paid on the day of the clinic. 
  • Submitting Medicare, DVA & Garrison Health accounts for payment
  • Curtesy telephone calls to patients or other providers on the day of the clinic
  • Medical Record Requests prior to the day of clinic if required.

 Additional Administration Services may be provided at additional hourly rate:

  • Sending referral notifications, emailing Dr’s as they are received, contacting patients as requested to arrange, any tests and outpatient appointments. (includes letter to patient requesting they call for appointment, Genie txt reminders for appointments)
  • Adding patients for recall and sending reminders to book appointment when due
  • Printing, compiling and distribution of clinic letters
  • Transpose clinic letters returned by typist to Genie and distribution 
  • Out of hours administrative services

Services excluded are:

  • You will be responsible for providing your own mobile EFTPOS machine for billing purposes should you wish to offer that service.
  • Medical typing facilities. Medical typist contact details may be provided upon request.
  • Any specialised Equipment

Economic benefit

Our Private Practice set up service is a low- cost option for new practitioners. There are annual fees for the Genie patient management system licences and monthly fees for our basic secretarial support.

When you transition into your own medical practice, we can transfer your patient information, electronic clinical records and financial information to your own Genie Site Licence with support from the Mater’s I.T department.

 Further Information

Please contact Kerrilee Tanzer Medical Consulting Suites Coordinator

Phone: (07) 4727 4020 Fax: (07) 4727 4019 

Email either or

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