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Our facilities

We understand that the birth of your baby is an important experience for you and your family, and will endeavour to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Our Maternity Unit offers:

  • Six fully-equipped Birth Suites
  • 23 private single rooms
  • 2 double bed rooms
  • 8 cot special care nursery

Each private room has a modern and spacious decor, and is fully equipped with an ensuite, mini fridge, television, telephone, wi-fi connection and partner accommodation to ensure your comfort. A meal service is also available from our kitchen.

The Nurse Station is only a short distance away should you require any assistance or advice, at any time, day and night.

Our newly renovated Birth Suites have been designed to create a harmonious, safe and personal environment. 

For that extra measure of safety, a fully equipped Operating Theatre is nearby to deal with any complications, as well as a Special Care Nursery.

Our Maternity Team is committed to providing you with informed choices in childbirth.

Our expert team of Midwives will provide you and your family with personalised care, advice and support, discussing with you the various choices and facilities available.

Meals may be ordered from the catering service for your partner or support people while you are in labour. Mothers and babies usually stay a few hours in the Birth Suite following birth, before being transferred to one of our postnatal facilities.

The baby remains with parents at all times, unless transfer to the Special Care Nursery is required.

The Special Care Nursery (SCN) Level 2 (L2) facility caters for babies 34 weeks and over not requiring ventilation. If a baby requires more intense treatment, a transfer to the TTH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) may be required. This decision will be made in consultation with you, the parent or care giver, and your Paediatrician.

The Special Care Nursery at Mater Mothers Hospital Townsville has:

Eight monitor equipped cot bays, plus:

  • Humidicrib/Isolettes

  • Heated water beds (Kambeds)

  • Apnoea monitors

  • Phototherapy equipment

  • Resuscitation equipment

  • Hiflow

Close monitoring of your baby's/babies' condition will be performed until your baby's/babies' condition stabilises. Consisting of regular temperature, heart and respiratory rate, oxygen saturations, and blood sugar levels.


We encourage parents to participate in all care, and have 24 hour visiting access. Only visitors that have been identified by the parents will be permitted into the SCN area. The SCN is of limited space, and therefore, only two people at a time will be permitted  at the one time. Siblings are permitted to visit, but must remain under strict supervision. Other children are not permitted into this area. Please ask your visitors not to visit if they are unwell.


For families who live outside Townsville, we encourage you to board within the unit whilst your baby is in the SCN. If you live in Townsville and you are breast feeding three or more feeds per day, you have the option to board within our unit. There is a cost for this service. 

We love meeting our expectant parents and are happy to help with any questions and/or concerns you may have about your stay. If you would like to know more about our facilities, or request a tour,  please call us or email us today. 


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