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Our brand

We are Mater Group 

With expertise across health, education and research, we’re much more than just a Hospital. Introducing our new brand: Mater Group.

Our health and wellbeing is an ongoing string of choices we all have to make every day. However, with more demands on our time and money than ever before, the way we access and manage our health is changing. The world is evolving - and so are we.

Mater Group is the collaboration of Mater Hospitals across Queensland, bringing together collective expertise and resources across health, education and research to deliver new services in new ways, and to support you in making better choices about your health, every day.

Mater Group is comprised of Mater Health, Mater Education, Mater Research and Mater Foundation. Watch our brand video to find out more.


Carrying our legacy forward

For more than a century, Mater Private Hospital Townsville has been an icon of compassion and mercy throughout Queensland and Australia. During that time, Mater has earned its place in the hearts and minds of many people and has become a much loved part of the community.

When the Sisters of Mercy first established the hospital more than 75 years ago it was the start of an exceptional journey. It was this small fee paying hospital which provided the much needed funds to help the Sisters of Mercy realise their vision and help the sick and needy.

They began Mater’s unique brand of healthcare, a brand that the community continue to turn to when they are sick and in need and expect compassionate, high quality, holistic care that meets the needs of the community.

Now Mater is adding another chapter to the brand story, a new symbol of hope in line with the organisation’s new strategic direction which repositions Mater as a group that incorporates health, education and research for a healthy community.

Our new brand continues to honour our Catholic heritage built on the charism of the Sisters of Mercy while positioning Mater as a contemporary and dynamic identity for an exciting future. We will continue their legacy and deliver new services in new ways to ensure we are supporting the health of our community and every individual’s wellbeing for life.

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