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Renal services

Our passionate and caring staff provide a friendly, professional and efficient approach to treatment.

Renal Dialysis is a treatment that filters the blood when your kidneys have stopped working properly.  It removes toxins and fluids from your body that would normally be processed by the kidneys, and helps to maintain a normal blood pressure.

Some people may only need dialysis short-term, while others need dialysis because their kidneys no longer do the job properly, and will continue treatment for the rest of their lives.

Dialysis can impact your day-to-day life, however our team of Nephrologists, Vascular Surgeons, Registered Nurses, Dietitians, and Allied Health Professionals work together to minimise the effects of kidney failure and to ensure treatment allows you to live a full and active life.

What do we provide?

  • We specialise in all areas of Haemodialysis incorporating new starts, chronic maintenance and acute dialysis.

  • We provide Hemodialysis services for renal patients with private health insurance who are established on Haemodialysis.

  • We provide a Level Three and a Level Four service over two campuses.

  • We offer holiday Haemodialysis sessions, as well as helping our patients go on holidays.

  • We have eight machines and chairs in our Hyde Park Satellite Unit and one machine and chair in our Pimlico Acute Care room.

Opening hours

We provide Haemodialysis treatments Monday to Saturday, from 6.30am - 8.30pm, with morning and afternoon sessions available. If required, a late shift can be provided to meet demand.

Where are we?

  • Level Three is located at the Hyde Park Campus –  for established haemodialysis patients

  • Level Four is located at the Pimlico Campus –  for acute dialysis patients and new dialysis patients

How do patients access the service?

  • Patients can access the unit directly for information and assistance

  • The Nurse Unit Manager is available to answer queries by appointment

  • General Practitioners/Nephrologists can refer a patient for a tour of the unit by appointment

  • Referrals for treatment are made by the patients’ Nephrologist


Phone: (07) 4722 8850
Fax: (07) 4722 8859

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