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Health funds

If you have private health insurance, please speak to your Health Fund prior to your admission, to ensure you understand your level of cover.

Important questions to ask your Health Fund:

  1. Am I covered for the procedure at the Mater Private Hospital Townsville? (Do I have any exclusions or restrictions?)
  2. What level of cover do I have?
  3. Does my Health Fund cover all medication expenses?
  4. Do I have to contribute to the Hospital costs? (Do I have an excess or co-payments?)
  5. Have I served all waiting periods? (Did I join less than 12 months ago, or is this a pre-existing ailment?)
  6. If you live out of town, does your Health Fund have any local accommodation to support you and/or your family prior or post admission to hospital?

Mater Private Hospital Townsville will require payment of any health insurance policy excess or co-payment on, or prior to admission.

If any additional costs arise because of your stay (eg. co-payments, pharmacy, phone call charges, visitor meals or unforeseen circumstances), you are required to pay these on discharge.

The Hospital has agreements with most major Health Funds in Australia. Under those agreements, subject to your membership, your insurer will meet the costs of your Hospital fees. An account for your Hospital stay will be sent directly to your private health Insurer for assessment in accordance with our contract. If your Hospital claim requires any further documentation prior to submission or assessment by your health insurer, we ask that you comply and return to us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about your hospital fees and charges, including medication, please contact your Health Fund insurer directly to discuss any out of pocket expenses, prior to your admission.

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