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Patient safety and quality

Our culture of quality improvement is backed by strong clinical governance

Our commitment to quality, safety and excellence in medical practice is supported by Clinical Governance, in addition to the Mater Group's Board of Governance 

Clinical Governance provides a framework for quality improvement. The role and purpose of Clinical Governance is to ensure the effective and safe delivery of care through continuous quality improvement activities, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Accreditation
    Our Hospitals, facilities and services are accredited with the relevant authorities. 
  • Standards of care
    Our program to improve standards of care focuses on areas that are essential to drive the implementation and use of safety and quality systems. 
  • Risk management and quality improvement
    Effective risk management processes in line with industry-standard quality improvement measures.
  • Performance
    Our commitement to continuous improvement across all Hospital areas including results on staff hand hygiene compliance, staph aureus bacteraemia rates, pressure injuries and falls. 
  • Feedback
    We welcome your feedback. If you wish to provide feedback click here, or alternatively, you can take part in our Patient Experience Survey.
Indicator Our Rank Benchmark

Mater Hospitals are accredited by ACHS or ISO

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Infection rate (Staph Aureus bacteraemia)


2.0 / 10,000 patient days

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Hand hygiene



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We perform better than the national industry benchmark We perform to the national industry benchmark We perform below the national industry benchmark

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