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Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation describes all measures used to help people with heart disease return to an active and satisfying life.

There are two phases of cardiac rehabilitation, all of which aim to aid the recovery of a person following a cardiac event, and to prevent the occurrence of further events.

These phases are:

Phase 1              Inpatient

Mobilisation and education.

The first phase of cardiac rehabilitation occurs during your hospital admission and after your cardiac procedure.

An acute physiotherapist will work closely with your healthcare providers, nurses
and other rehabilitation professionals to help you start to regain your mobility.

What does it cost? Participation in phase 1 is fully covered for individuals with hospital cover through private health insurance funds.

Phase 2 Outpatient

Education and exercise sessions

Once you leave the hospital, you will continue your cardiac rehabilitation either face to face or virtual.

Phase two of cardiac rehabilitation involves continued monitoring of your cardiac responses to exercise and activity. Another important aspect of phase two is learning correct exercise procedures and lifestyle changes for long term cardiac health.

There are two options for delivery, facilitated by accredited clinicians.

Option one: Face to face

• Two assessment appointments
• Five to eight supervised exercise sessions (depending on the health fund)
• One education day.

Participation in phase 2 (option one) is fully covered for individuals through private health insurance funds and a health fund check will be completed on receipt of referral.

Option two: Virtual

• Two assessment appointments
• Eight virtually supervised exercise sessions
• Access to the virtual rehabilitation application. This app allows the user to monitor their health data such as blood pressure, blood glucose and heart rate. It also contains education modules specific to your cardiac condition.

What does it cost? Participation in phase 2 (option two) is fully covered for individuals.

The Cardio Gym is located at the Mater Townsville Rehabilitation Unit on the ground floor of the Mater Private Hospital Townsville Pimlico Campus, where various exercise programs are scheduled daily. 

Referral to Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation should be available to anyone who has had an acute myocardial infarction, cardiac surgery (coronary artery bypass graft, valve surgery), coronary angioplasty/stent or other cardiovascular disease.

The exercise component is delivered in collaboration with JCU Exercise Physiology. This is a student-assisted service providing opportunities for students to work and learn in an integrated health care environment, whilst focusing on patient centred care. Participants can expect to receive the highest quality of care that will assist them in managing their medical conditions in a safe, caring and friendly environment.

After Phase 2, outpatient exercise physiology is open to anyone and it does not requrie a referral.

Outpatient exercise physiology

Our expert exercise physiologists will assist you in your rehabilitation, lifestyle management and prevention.

How can Mater outpatient exercise physiology help you?

  • Post-acute injury
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • General strength and conditioning

What does it cost? Outpatient exercise physiology can be partially claimed by those with health cover. Our rehabilitation administration will check with your fund prior to you attending.

What to bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Any medication that you normally carry with you
  • Blood monitoring equipment if a diabetic
  • Reading glasses if required
  • A list of current medications
  • Towels will be supplied for your convenience

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