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Pathology specialises in determining the cause and nature of diseases and illness in our patients.

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology's team of experienced medical staff examine and test body tissues and fluids. The results from these tests help doctors diagnose and treat patients.

You may be sent for a pathology test either by your General Practitioner (GP) or Specialist as part of your medical care.

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathologists view the collections and provide a report to your Doctor to aid in diagnosis and treatment.  

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology provides pathology services to inpatients of Mater Private Hospital Townsville. 

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology is a separate entity to the oHspital and services rendered are not covered by the Hospital’s admission fee. If pathology testing is requested by your Doctor as part of your inpatient care, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology will issue an account.

For further information regarding Sullivan Nicholaides Pathology, please contact the team directly on 07 4727 5555 or please click here.

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