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Surgical services

With our highly-skilled medical teams, Mater Private Hospital Townsville is renowned for its surgical expertise across a number of specialities. 

Our state-of-the-art theatres and equipment, coupled with leading surgeons and nursing staff, offers our patients the highest quality of care, from admission to discharge.

Our highly qualified and skilled surgeons, many with global experience, offer the following surgerical specialties:

  • Bariatric 

  • General 

  • Ear nose and throat 

  • Dental

  • Maxilliofacial 

  • Vascular 

  • Cardiac 

  • Colorectal 

  • Urology

  • Hepatobiliary
  • Plastic/reconstructive
  • Orthopaedic 

  • Gynaecology

Planned surgery usually follows consultation and recommendation from your doctor or specialist. From either of these you will be referred to an appropriate surgeon. Your surgeon will discuss options with you, and if you agree to  a surgical procedure, the surgeon will forward the appropriate documentation to the Mater's Pre-admissions Team.

The urgency of your surgery, and the possible wait before your surgery is scheduled, is determined by your surgeon. If you have any concerns about the possible impact on your health and wellbeing caused by a possible delay in your operation, please talk to your surgeon.

Unplanned surgery is performed on people who are admitted via the Emergency Department and who require immediate surgery to address their health emergency.

Our Stomal Therapy Nurse cares for and teaches people who are anticipating or have had surgery resulting in the creation of a stoma. The Stomal Therapy Nurse educates people in the pre and post operative periods to manage their stoma and will discuss any issues important to you. You and your family will receive ongoing education, support and encouragement prior to surgery, whilst in Hospital and when you are discarged.  

To arrange an appointment you will need a referral from your doctor. 

Stomal Therapy Clinic
(07) 4727 4568

Clinic hours: Monday and Thursday by appointment. 

The Surgical Unit is a dedicated area caring for people following surgery. The highly skilled and passionate staff provide outstanding patient-centred care to people recovering from relatively minor through to the more complex procedures. 

Contact details:

Mater Private Hospital Townsville 
25 Fullham Road, Pimlico 
(07) 4727 4343 

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