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Going home

When you leave

Discharge is at 10:00am.  Your Healthcare Team will determine when you are ready to be discharged and discuss any requirements.  You will be provided with a discharge summary and any additional patient care information, if required, when leaving the Hospital. 

We advise you to plan ahead for your discharge as much as possible. If you believe you will require assistance once you arrive home, please do not hesitate to alert our staff.

Have you collected all your belongings?

Please ensure that you take all your belongings with you upon discharge. This includes x-rays and images taken during your stay. 

Have you made a follow-up appointment with your doctor?

You need to make a follow up appointment with your doctor as advised by your Care Team.

Have you discussed your medication?

Please make sure you have discussed your discharge medication with your Care Team. A medication review will be arranged if necessary.

You may have new medications to take when you return home. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid making any mistakes with your medication. 

What if I have no way of getting home?

Our Volunteer Courtesy Vehicle is available between 10:00am-2:00pm and needs to be booked two hours in advance. This service is only available for discharge, and we cannot guarantee a booking unless it is confirmed. Please advise the receptionist on your ward , or ask your nurse to arrange the booking if you require this on your departure. Please ensure the pharmacy medications have been completed prior to booking.

You do need to be independent with your mobility and transfers.

The wait times may vary depending on demand.

To arrange a booking, please contact or phone (07) 4727 4118

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