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Coming to hospital

Support from the start

We understand that coming to Hospital can be an unsettling experience. Our aim is to provide a high level of support and exceptional care, from pre-admission through to discharge, to make your stay as stress-free as possible.  Here are top tips from two of our volunteers.

Thank you for chosing Mater Private Hospital Townsville. Your experience as a patient is our focus.

Prior to your Hospital stay, a pre-admission form is required to be completed.  Our dedicated Pre-admission Team is able to assist with any enquires,  either in person or over the phone (07) 4727 4444

From the time of your admission through to discharge, we are committed to ensuring you are fully informed as to what to expect, and that you feel comfortable throughout the process.

For your convience, you can fill in the relevant details required by the Hospital for your admission in the comfort of your own home.  You can be assured of confidential transmission of your personal information, with all information secured by encryption technology.

To complete your online Patient Admission Form, click here.

On your day of admission, please present to Reception at the time advised by your admitting Doctor/Pre-Admission Clinic. Please note, the requested time is your admission time, this is not the time of your operation or procedure. You have been asked to arrive at this time to allow for any necessary pre-operative requirements.


If you are having surgery you will need to fast. This means that you will not be able to have any food or fluids (including water) for a specified period of time. You will be advised by your Doctor if you are required to fast, and how long you will need to fast.

You must not drink alcohol or smoke for 24 hours prior to your surgery.

You must not drink alcohol for 24 hours after your anaesthetic.

Dietary requirements

For information on our food service dining, click here.  Should you have any special requirements, please contact our Food Services Manager on (07) 4727 4535 prior to your admission or email


If your relative or friend will be waiting at the Hospital, our friendly staff will provide directions for them to relax in the café, or one of the lounges within the Hospital. We will ensure our staff have a mobile number for your relative or friend to ensure they can be contacted.

  • Any letters from your Doctor, including your consent form

  • Any appropriate x-rays, scans and medical reports

  • A list of your current medications

  • A list of any known allergies

  • Your EFTPOS, credit card or other means of payment for any out of pocket expenses (all charges are payable on or prior to admission)

  • If you are having day surgery, please shower and wear loose, comfortable and appropriate clothing

  • If you are staying overnight, for your comfort we suggest you bring a small bag containing slippers, dressing gown, personal toiletries, night attire and contact lenses/glasses

  • Any items of a personal nature that you may require (eg. sanitary products)

  • If you are an insulin dependent diabetic, please bring your pens/needles with you

  • If you are having orthopaedic surgery, please check if you need to bring crutches for your admisison

  • A book or reading material

  • Patients are encouraged to bring their own personal electronic devices to hospital, such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. For any Wi-Fi enabled device, patients and visitors can access free Wi-Fi while they are at Hospital.

  • Do not bring valuables to the Hospital including large amounts of cash or jewellery. The Hospital will not accept any liability from loss or damage, whatsoever caused, for any items of value retained in your responsibility whilst a patient is in the Hospital
  • Do not wear any chemicals, eg. perfume, makeup, nail polish or deodorant

The courtesy vehicle is operated by volunteers from 10:00am-2:00pm, Monday to Friday.

The service is available to take patients home after discharge from the hospital. They can also take family members locally and can assist with other driving tasks. The service is not available to bring patients to specialist appointments or admissions to the hospital.

The service is reliant on volunteers; therefore, no advanced booking can be guaranteed.

For enquiries regarding the service and availability, please contact:

Mater Private Hospital Townsville Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (07) 4727 4118 or 0497 262 476

Please arrange for a responsible person to transport you home following your procedure and stay with you overnight. Please note, it is unsafe, and you may not be covered legally or by insurance, to drive for 24 hours following your anaesthetic.

You must not sign any contracts or make important decisions for 24 hours following your procedure – these may not be legally binding.

You must follow any post-procedural instructions given to you, and contact your doctor or present to an Emergency Department should you have any post-procedural complications.

We comply with State Government legislation that prohibits smoking within the Hospital grounds, and for five metres beyond the Hospital boundary. There is also no smoking allowed within five metres of public transport waiting points such as bus stops and taxi ranks. This applies to all persons including staff, doctors, volunteers, students, patients and visitors.

We appreciate your support in promoting a smoke-free environment for all in our Hospital community.

For further information please click here.

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