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Becoming Mater Group.

In an historic move, Townsville’s Mater Private Hospital will join with Mater Central Queensland and Mater South-East Queensland to become one organisation under the Mater brand.

The new Mater Private Hospital Townsville brand was launched by Chair of Mater Board Mr Francis Sullivan and Mater Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Peter Steer at a business breakfast in Townsville today.

Mater Group CEO Dr Peter Steer said the future of the Mater brand in Queensland is exciting, with capacity for greater service delivery across the state. 

“We are moving confidently into our future as a significant healthcare provider in Queensland,” Dr Steer said.

“Our collaboration creates a network of hospitals, expertise and research with which to continue to serve our communities with best practice, contemporary healthcare.   

“This new chapter in the Mater story will proceed with the integrity of our heritage and our long-standing Mercy values, based on compassionate service and patient-centred care.”

Mater Private Hospital Townsville CEO Mr Gerard Wyvill unveiled the new brand signage at Mater Private Hospital Townsville and said the rebrand is a unique opportunity for Mater across the state.

“Mater is iconic in North Queensland, having served the region for more than 70 years as a trusted healthcare provider.  The alignment of Mater throughout Queensland gives us the opportunity for greater collaboration and sharing of knowledge, skills and resources for optimal service delivery for our patients and community, which remains central to everything we do.”

“Our new identity comes at an exciting time for Mater in North Queensland, given that we are currently rolling out the development of our ten-year master plan, including the $52 million Mercy Centre, and a $9 million Mater Mothers and special care unit. 

“It is important to us that we create opportunities to explain this change to our community and outline the benefits this connection provides us in terms of best practice healthcare delivery,” Mr Wyvill said.

“Mater is a significant economic contributor to our local economy, and with more than 900 staff, is one of the largest employers in the city. Our 10-year master plan demonstrates our long-term commitment to the region; and the naming of our new development at the Pimlico Campus, the Mercy Centre, is a testimony to our commitment to our heritage.

“This is a significant chapter in the history of health in Queensland, and we are poised to derive significant benefits through our collaborations to continue to improve health services in North Queensland.  As is the case in the wider medical and healthcare landscape we, as a major service provider, must also continue to adapt and evolve so we can continue to meet the changing needs of our community. The Mater brand is a trusted provider of contemporary healthcare and we are excited by the opportunities this presents.”

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